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SINERGIA VI Willa W los-alcazares

  • Miasto: Los Alcazares
  • Lokalizacja: Na wybrzeżu
  • Powierzchnia: Costa Cálida
  • Stan: New
  • Rodzaj: Willa
m2 90 m2 m2 59 m2 Sypialnie Sypialnie 3 Łazienki Łazienki 2
Willa - New - Los Alcazares - Los Alcazares Dodaj do ulubionych Usuń z ulubionych

SALADO VILLAGE Willa W los-alcazares

  • Miasto: Los Alcazares
  • Lokalizacja: Na wybrzeżu
  • Powierzchnia: Costa Cálida
  • Stan: New
  • Rodzaj: Willa
m2 106 m2 Sypialnie Sypialnie 3 Łazienki Łazienki 2

New Build Property for Sale in Los Alcazares

How are foreigners who buy property in Spain?

According to official statistics, about 20% of home-buying and selling operations in Spain are carried out by foreign citizens. From which countries do they come? What is the typical profile of these buyers? In this post we explain it to you.

During the first half of 2016, the historical record of home purchase and sale transactions was surpassed by foreigners over a period of 6 months with 43,519 operations. A fact that undoubtedly puts us in context about the importance of these buyers for the real estate sector.

Some of your preferences when choosing housing are general. For example: the foreign buyer likes to buy houses of relatively large size. More than 80% of the purchase and sale transactions are usually carried out on properties ranging in size from 80 to more than 100 m2. As for small flats of 50 or less square meters represent a percentage of transactions less than 10% of the market.

But, how are these buyers? The profile and preferences of each buyer varies by nationality.

British Buyer

The demand for Britons consists of retired citizens, middle-aged retirees, married, some with children and grandchildren, a high level of professionalization and average annual income of 36,000 euros. These demand pleasant climates, good services, quality of life, and optimal air connections that keep them in a feeling of closeness with their loved ones and friends.

French Buyer

This demand consists of people of average age between 45 and 55 years old, retired, with families constituted high level of training and with incomes that are around 40,000 euros a year. They are also attracted by the climate, socio-political stability, services and good connections with their country.

German Buyer

Once again, married couples, of a slightly younger age than the previous ones, are on the order of 40 years, with children, high schooling and income, and are motivated mainly by the climate, gastronomy and security that Offers Spain for the purchase of a second home.

Scandinavian buyer

Scandinavian marriages are usually the most desirable by the sellers of flats, these are made up of middle-aged people (50 to 55 years). They generally have higher education and average income that rises to 90,000 euros per year. More than any other nationality, they value the sun and the quality of the beaches.

Belgian Buyer

They are similar in character to the Scandinavians. They are mainly made up of married couples with children in the age of fifty, high professionalization and income of at least 60,000 euros a year. They look for climates of sun, beaches; And are very interested in golf courses, so the Costa Cálida, with its traditional and excellent facilities, satisfies your tastes and preferences.

Find New Build Property for Sale in Los Alcazares with Grupo Mahersol.

In Grupo Mahersol, all our homes are in privileged environments so that you can enjoy all services, feel the sea breeze or smell the freshly cut turf. Just tell us your preferences and we will introduce you the houses that best fit you.

The Costa Calida is home to one of the most important European tourist areas in Spain, combining magnificent beaches with cliffs, marinas and fishermen. In our coasts you will find ports of recognized prestige, as much for its fishing tradition as for its modern and comfortable facilities for all type of marine sports that you like to practice

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