On due time

Grupo Mahersol just wants you to be satisfied. As a result, our staff monitors exhaustively and personally the construction works of your new house, informing you on due time and periodically, with documents and photographs, on the progress of the works until they are finished and the house delivered.


Without any fuss

We keep a direct and personal communication with the clients regarding the registration of all the deeds for their future house. We coordinate dates, payments, taxes, details, etc.
We really do our best to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.


Home, safe home

We manage the insurance of your house for it to be insured from the very first moment you become the owner, as we want it to be covered by the insurance and free from any eventuality that may arise.


Just as you like.

We study, prepare a budget and manage the reforms which have been requested by the clients, so that they are completely finished on the moment that the clients occupy their houses.


Will be perfect from the very first day.

We will monitor the whole building process, trying to avoid any incidence. Nevertheless, should any incidence arise, we would take note of it and fix it as soon as possible.


To enjoy it

If the client wishes to do so, we manage the registration of the utilities (water, electricity and gas) to save you all the fuss, waiting hours, all the paperwork, etc.

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