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4 basic checks to make during the purchase of property

During the purchase of housing it is important that everything goes well. Therefore, before performing any formalities that formalize the purchase and sale as the contract of arras, it is important that we perform some basic checks.

The purchase of housing is one of the most important decisions of our life to be one of the most relevant investments that can be made. It is not enough that we make sure to know all the aspects that we can to make sure that everything goes well.

Tip 1. Make sure you know the actual identity of the selling party.

In case there is any problem afterwards, it will be very useful to know who put the signature in the document. When it comes to a new building, the firm usually is the administrator or agent of the company. In sales between individuals, however, must be the signature of all owners, therefore in a family home, both spouses.

2. Check the housing burdens and their outstanding debts.

On a house for sale there may be charges that the seller does not hide, and that in case of acquisition, they will be transferred to us. They can weigh embargos, debts or defaults. It is advisable to heal in health, and to collect all available information about the property. A simple note may be requested in the Property Registry. In the City Hall, a certificate of urban legality. In the community of neighbors we can inform us of possible outstanding payments. Finally, providers of basic services like water, electricity, gas, telephone can also give us information on whether there are outstanding bills or history of non-payment.

3. Check the ownership of all services and put them in your name.

At the moment of making the checks on gas, electricity, water or telephone services, you can take advantage of these services in your name, provided there are no outstanding debts on them. It may also be a good time to take a look at competing companies for whether they provide better service or at a better price.

4. One of the aspects to be discussed is who assumes the costs of the sale.

It is an aspect that is usually agreed between the parties in the private document. In the event that nothing is stipulated, it will be carried out in accordance with the current legislation of each autonomous community. Of course, if you buy a home from a new building promotion, keep in mind that it is forbidden that you assume costs of the seller.

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